The Acetaia Lucenti comes from an old family tradition inherited from mamma Emilia, who belonged to a wealthy family from Modena.

Immediately after the war, still very young, she became Mrs Lucenti and brought with her some little barrels with the precious BALSAMIC VINEGAR.

In the years after the war, the Lucenti family, wine producers at the time, did not care so much about The barrels brought as a dowry by Emilia, so they were almost forgotten.

Only Emilia, from time to time, climbed to the attic to check them and add, once in a year, few liters of Must.

In the late ‘60s the rules of wine production changed and Lucenti family decided to stop the activity, starting to offer their own grapes to wineries (but keeping part of them for the family needs).

That was the time to remember the barrels forgotten in the attic, shorty they realized that the product stored in these barrels had fine features and they decided to start the Acetaia activity.

Uncle Vasco, skilled in the barrel creation and repair, used the old wine barrels to make some smaller ones, suitable for vinegar storage. Since then, every year, from grape harvest mamma Emilia cooks the juice to fill new barrels and tuck those already started.

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Despite all the years passed away, the Lucenti family continues to produce the Balsamic Vinegar with same passion and craftsmanship of that time, cultivating vineyards in their own farm in the Secchia Valley and using only the must obtained from their grapes.

We can proudly say to be among the few producers that are completely self sufficient: all production steps take place in our farm. All our products are made without the use of thickeners and dyes but only with the passion for nature and the patience of the past.

The Silver Bottle

The Silver Botticello is the most important recognition of the province of Reggio Emilia for the producers of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar, conferred on our Acetaia by the Balsamic Vinegar brotherhood at the end of the XXI Palio Matildico.

The image portrays the moment when Nando Lucenti, father of the winner of the Palio Federica Lucenti, collects the prestigious award.

Below you can download the edition of the newspaper of the Confraternity of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Reggio Emilia in which there is an extensive article on the awarding of the prize.