Our balsamic vinegar comes from an old family tradition
and the fine grapes grown in our farms near the river in Secchia Valley, thanks to a sandstone soil enriched
by excellent aromas and flavors.

The only ingredient of this precious dressing is the juice of our grapes, cooked for hours in old calderouns to obtain a concentrated product.

Time · Passion · Nature

It was born from time, from a passion, it lives in a dream, Always and only in a dream. A nice dream to chase.
Time, passion and then, one step more, the VINEGAR.

An ancient family tradition

The Acetaia Lucenti comes from an old family tradition inherited from mamma Emilia, who belonged to a wealthy family from Modena.

Immediately after the war, still very young, she became Mrs Lucenti and brought with her some little barrels with the precious BALSAMIC VINEGAR.

Today, Acetaia Lucenti offers 4 product lines: the traditional, the condiments, the food line and the passion line.

The Matildic Competion

In November 2011 our Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Reggio Emilia received one of the most prestigious award.

At the conclusion of the 21st “Palio Matildico” a competition Reserved to traditional balsamic vinegar producers, the balsamic vinegar association has given to our Acetaia The first Prize.

This award is the highest recognition of the Reggio Emilia Province our farm won in 2011 out of over 500 vinegar samples tested.


All our products are handcrafted, created with highly selected raw materials from our own crops. The closest collaborators of Acetaia Lucenti are time, nature, fire, the heat and cold of the seasons. For this reason, the production batches may have slight differences in acidity, and any sediments indicate the genuineness of the product.